Monday, 28 December 2015

Your Best Friend Dosen't Seem Like Your Best Friend Anymore

hello again !

You know that when I was younger, around 6-7 years, I really liked a doll and it became my best friend (for that time) whether it was while playing, sleeping or eating, she was with me all the time. I kept her name Alice. I really got use to it and it was my habit to take it everywhere. An year later at Christmas i got a new doll and so being with Alice everywhere was not a habit anymore and slowly i outgrew it.

Personally, it happened with me too...Me and my best friend were in a fight and ended up not meeting each other for three weeks..And by luck in our class the only seat empty was next to her and so I sat with her. Slowly we talked, then arguments came in like "you were so irritated all time", "You ignored me", "you insulted me", and then finally she told that she was rude and angry because her grandma was not well and was admitted in hospital which now has really cleared things out.

Same is happening with you. Your friend first really liked and now she doesn't because maybe she found a new one. It can be that if she was really angry in the past or has been through something real serious. by talking you may figure things out and be friends again.

Now, as I was saying that there can also be a reason that she has found an new friend. Think, think and think with whom your best friend is spending much time..So if this is the reason why he/she is away from you then now what to do,right? It is very simple.
Now you cannot go and just insult your friend in front of the other one with whom she is spending time, it would be very rude, right?
Next, what you CAN do is that you can go and confront your best friend (of course not like "why are you insulting me"). CALMLY, hey_____! You promised me you would come with me in ____.
If she is really being rude to you or insulting you in public, forget it. Move on. Nothing is more important to you than your self respect right? You too start spending time with someone else. For a plus point with someone he/she really admires...only in front of her..
So here were my ways to improve your friendship (or whatever). Hope they helped you...please do follow me...
Love each one of you !
Bye !